Welcome to Kinobe, Mutyaba - KMT Advocates

Founded in 2007, KMT Advocates is an efficient and reliable firm with impeccable standing in Uganda.
It is a full-fledged-service law firm specializing in several areas of legal practice with a wealth of highly skilled advocates.

KMT Advocates is geared towards the development of law in East and Central Africa; by ensuring a satisfactory client service and maintaining a standard for high professional services.

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Why Kinobe, Mutyaba - KMT Advocates?

Simon P. Kinobe

KMT Advocates has a committed and diverse team of corporate attorneys that has achieved years of experience in the industry, association with some of the best law firms in the world and supreme legal expertise has earned the firm distinguished reputation as one of the best emerging corporate law firms in commercial legal practice in the East African Region.

KMT Advocates draws from a solid knowledge of the regions business environment and an in-depth understanding of the regions' complex socio-economic climate. Essentially, this enables us to offer technical legal services of the highest caliber in the context of sound, practical business advice.

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